Type 2 Diabetes – Eating a Little Less of Everything But Vegetables to Help With Weight Loss

Type 2 Diabetes – Eating a Little Less of Everything But Vegetables to Help With Weight Loss – Choosing the right foods is just one of the steps people with Type 2 diabetes need to take when monitoring what they eat. Another important step is to cut calories. Since most diabetics are also either overweight or obese, cutting calories is not only sensible, but also necessary.
Trimming only 100 calories a day will result in a one pound weight loss in a month. This is a good way of attacking a weight issue because the reduction in food is so small it won’t be missed, and the minuscule amount of food being eliminated isn’t enough to make you feel like you are being deprived.
Here are a few simple ways to cut calories and help you lose weight without feeling punished:
1. Cut the dressings. The most common change most people make when attempting to lose weight, is to consume more salads. That’s “good”. But they ruin the whole plan by adding too much of the wrong bits and pieces. That’s “bad”. The number one spoiler for salads? Dressings.
Even if you use fat-free cheese, spinach instead of iceberg, and whole wheat croutons, you can still undo all the good you are doing by flooding the salad with a dressing that is high in calories and fat. Switch to a fat-free variety, enjoy the taste, and you will be able to have a little more at the same time.
2. Cut the bread. This is especially true with sandwiches. We love to eat sandwiches because they are quick and versatile. But what kills it for us is the bread. How do you have a sandwich without bread? Improvise.
Lettuce wraps are a wonderful way to get more of the good stuff from sandwiches without also getting more of the “bad stuff”. Lettuce has zero calories and holds the fixings inside as well, if not sometimes even better, than bread.

lettuce doesn’t get soggy,
lettuce doesn’t fall part, and

even if you are using whole wheat bread, you can still easily trim 100 calories per sandwich by going with lettuce instead of bread.
3. Load up on vegetables. We don’t like to feel deprived when we’re in the process of losing weight. So since we gauge our deprivation by the amount of food on our plate, why not give ourselves a little personal satisfaction? Fill up at least half of the plate with vegetables.
Most vegetables (not the carbohydrate-rich ones such as potato, sweet potato or kumara, corn, yam, parsnip and tarot), are so low in calories you can virtually eat all you want without having to worry about putting on weight. In fact, if you focus on eating more vegetables, you will have far less room for any of the “bad stuff”, thus reducing calories without having to go hungry.
By adding more vegetables to your plate, you may actually eat more in terms of volume while still helping yourself to lose weight.