Diabetes Type 2 Management and Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes Type 2 Management and Lifestyle Changes – A condition that involves the resistance of the body to insulin or the production of less insulin for the body is a metabolic condition or disorder that is called Diabetes Type 2. It is also commonly called non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus because it makes use of oral hypoglycemic to manage the condition and adult-onset diabetes because it is more common among adults especially those who are more than 45 years old. There is no exact cure for this condition but methods are done in order to manage it.
Diabetes Type 2 management requires the commitment of the patient. If you have this kind of medical condition you must know what you are suppose to do when you are at home. You must be able to follow the orders that the doctor has given and of course take the necessary measures in order to prevent any life threatening situations. You must know more about your condition and learn about what your routine will be when you are at home.
If you plan to travel or even walk outside of your home, make sure that you have an identification bracelet. This is for emergency reasons that if something bad happen to you, the medical team who will attend to you will be able to know that you have this kind of medical condition. You must also bring your medications anywhere you go and let your family members know how to administer it for emergency.
At home, you must know how to take care of your feet. Diabetes Type 2 leads to poor blood circulation which can lead to poor wound healing especially on the feet. Wash it daily with lukewarm water and pat it to dry. Apply moisturizer to avoid any cracks on the skin. If you see any sores, blisters and cuts that does not heal, consult your physician immediately to prevent any complications.
Diabetes Type 2 diet is important to be part of the management regimen as well as the physical exercise that you need to do daily. Your food must be aimed at lowering your blood glucose, blood pressure and also cholesterol levels. You must have a good choice on the food that you will eat. Perform daily exercises even just walking around the house. Exercise is known to have an effect on the reduction of blood sugar levels.
Make sure that you have the schedule for your medical checkups. This will include the monitoring of your diabetes condition especially the levels of your blood sugar. Moreover, you must be updated with your eye specialist who will check whether there are any complications or problems on your eye. Lastly, you need to check whether you need more immunization especially that your immune system is weakened due to the disease process.
This is how you will be able to manage diabetes. With proper medication and home care, you will be able to control Diabetes Type 2 and prevent the life threatening complications to occur. As a patient, you must be committed on doing your responsibility on the management of your condition.