Why You Still May Not Have a Good Diet For Diabetes

Why You Still May Not Have a Good Diet For Diabetes – The main reason many do not have a good diet for diabetes is because of bad science. Sadly most diabetes diets will not work. The reason for this is that they are mainly built on myths not facts. As an example the typical diet for diabetes will remove sugar. This is based on bad science. Studies show that the body uses sugar as the primary fuel for the body. A body without sugar is imbalanced and will not heal. Science has shown that with the removal of sugar the diabetes problem has actually grown in the world. A person with high blood sugar has a poison glucose in the bloodstream and this must be removed fast to save your body
Many with high blood sugar will have the poison glucose spread to the legs. Many will have to have their legs removed due to the circulation being stopped. This can be avoided if the problem is attacked quickly. Waiting is the last thing a diabetic should do. They need to take swift action with a good diet for diabetes. The poison glucose spread thought out the body and robs the life. The diabetes problem is growing. All ages are dying from this illness. The most important thing is to act fast. If you have high sugar do not be fooled, you have only a short time before the breakdown of the body.
The answer to the problem is a healing diet that cures the insulin problem. A diabetic has an insulin problem not a sugar problem. Sadly most diabetes diets do not heal anything. Removing sugars and fats will never heal diabetes. The good news is that there is a diet by a filmmaker that has been reversing the diabetes problem. It is a diet that heals the insulin problem and it has been helping many. If you have diabetes problem do not wait, you must find a good diet for diabetes that heals the insulin problem. This must be done quickly to save your body.