Two Normal Blood Sugar Level Tips For Diabetics

Two Normal Blood Sugar Level Tips For Diabetics – The key to staying healthy when you are diabetic is doing everything you can to keep a normal blood sugar level. When blood sugar levels repeatedly rise above healthy levels, your body begins developing the complications that are so often the result of having diabetes. There are many different complications that people develop, but two of the most common are blindness and kidney failure. Many diabetics are driven to do everything they can to stay healthy simply because these complications are definitely not something they want to risk developing. The tips below will help you to do a bit more in your life to maintain normal blood sugar levels.
There is benefit to keeping a journal. If you have ever kept a food journal before, it is going to be a very similar concept. There will be a bit of extra effort involved in the case of diabetes,though. Two additional pieces of information that you will need to record are your blood sugar levels before eating and two hours after your meal. You will have a better idea of what foods to avoid in the future because you will be able to see which ones cause blood sugar spikes.
Next, you should make sure that whatever exercise program you are following includes strength training. Doctors will always talk about how good exercise is for the body, but its importance to diabetics is frequently not given the attention that it should. Cardio is the exercise that most people think of when they think of exercise, but proper diabetes control requires a significant amount of strength training. The main benefit of muscle tissue that is often not stressed to diabetics is that even when it is at rest, it burns far more calories than other types of tissue, such as fat. You need to leverage every little bit you can when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels normal.
A normal blood sugar level is the best thing that a diabetic can have when it comes to staying healthy, but keeping that level normal can take a good bit of work. Going forward, you are going to need to be sure that what you eat and how much you exercise supports healthy living.