Create An Effective Type Two Diabetes Therapy With Water

Create An Effective Type Two Diabetes Therapy With Water – An effective therapy for type two diabetes is making sure you have enough water. The problem is that we can’t tell when we really have enough water. We can be sure however, that dehydration is a problem that affects nearly every person in the world.
Dehydration is cause of most pain and disease. Joint pain, heartburn, migraines, even angina pain – these are all localized emergency calls for water. When there isn’t enough water it isn’t evenly distributed. Certain parts of the body are working but not receiving enough water to deal with the toxic waste and metabolism. This causes waste build up and the nerve endings in the area register the environmental chemical changes in the area. This is interpreted as pain in the conscious brain. Long term build up of these toxins cause disease.
Water with a little bit of sea salt is the cure. Water in drink products that contain sugar and caffeine (including fruit juices) can’t be used by the body without removing the added material. This step is needed because the body can only use water to make up the difference. The energy to remove the other stuff in the fluid you drink destroys the benefit of adding the water that is in the fluid. The sea salt is needed because the sodium and chloride in the salt are used (with potassium) in the development of electrolytes, which for one of many things, transport glucose (blood sugar) into the cell after insulin has opened the door.
When there is a lack of water in the body, 66% of the water is removed from the interior of the cells, 26% from the environment around the cells, and 8% of the water loss is taken up in the vascular (blood vessel) system. Diabetes is a drought management strategy employed by the body. The release of insulin is inhibited to prevent insulin from pushing water into all of the bodies’ cells. With diabetes, only some cells (such as the brain) get survival rations of water the rest are forced to dry out, causing premature aging. This shows up as wrinkles, for instance.
Most drugs are direct or indirect antihistamines. Anti depressants and pain medications are two examples. Think of what one of the first things that happens in a medical emergency – an intravenous salt water solution is arranged. Water is a powerful antihistamine which removes the reason for the pain or imbalance. However, it isn’t in the economic benefit of the medical community to prescribe tap water, when a costly prescription can do.
If you would like to avoid unnecessary pain, disease, and possibly an early death – drink every day the amount of water in fluid ounces that is equal to half your weight in pounds. If you weigh 200 pounds, get 100 ounces of water in you every day. Although I have no medical training, I am assured by those that are medically trained that this amount of water won’t hurt you and considering that nearly everyone is water-lacking, I’m pretty sure you will end up feeling, doing, and looking better.