Type 2 Diabetes – Eliminate These Foods and Watch Your Weight and Blood Sugar Fall!

Type 2 Diabetes – Eliminate These Foods and Watch Your Weight and Blood Sugar Fall! – People with Type 2 diabetes, just like non-diabetics, have to watch their caloric intake. Since many diabetics are overweight, this makes even more sense. Here is some information on how to trim calories or kilojoules in order to help you lose weight…
1. Go diet. Don’t worry; this refers to your soft drinks, not your way of eating. If you have a “soft spot” for “soft drinks”, this can really add up quickly. How quickly? If you only have a regular 12-ounce soda each day, switching it to a diet version will cut out 136 calories (571 kilojoules) each and every day. That adds up to a whopping 50,000 (that’s right, three zeros) calories (or 210,000 kilojoules) per year. Think that one change alone won’t help your waistline? Not to mention your blood sugar levels!
2. Slow down. It’s no secret eating faster results in eating more. It takes your stomach roughly 20 minutes to register being full, notify your brain you have reached your capacity, and then your brain needs to notify your mouth to stop eating. Imagine how much food you can pack into your mouth in 20 minutes if your fork is flying at warp speed. Slow it down: put your fork down in between bites while you chew and chew more slowly. Your waistline will thank you for it as will your blood sugar levels.
3. Hold the mayo. Actually, you don’t have to as long as you are willing to switch variety. We use mayonnaise on many foods… from sandwiches to tuna fish, chicken salad, etc. By switching to low-fat instead of full-fat mayo you will be trimming the fat in half without trimming the taste.
4. Cut the milk. Milk, even low-fat varieties, still have more than enough calories or kilojoules. But most people don’t get their milk consumption through a tall, cool glass at breakfast. Where do they get it? Coffee.
Coffee drinkers who replace milk with non-dairy products can cut calories rapidly. The more coffee you consume, the more of a difference you will be making. And the good news is that you will taste very little, if any, difference in your java.
5. Cut out cheese. We have grown so accustomed to eating cheese on EVERYTHING that we have decided we can’t eat anything without having a dairy lava being poured over the top. Sandwiches might seem like they need cheese slices, but that’s also more habit than anything. Dress up your foods with other substitutes and save the calories. Even cutting back on cheese is a big deal.