3 Reasons People With Diabetes Have Trouble Losing Weight

3 Reasons People With Diabetes Have Trouble Losing Weight – Diabetes is a syndrome involving multiple organ systems, and we know today that some of these areas are also involved in the weight gain that people with diabetes experience. The thyroid, the liver, the adrenal glands, the pancreas, and the digestive system all play are role in type 2 diabetes. In addition to these organs, people with type 2 diabetes are dealing with insulin resistance. Let’s discuss some of the reasons for weight gain and diabetes.
1. The Thyroid
The thyroid is a gland responsible for the regulation of our metabolism. If the thyroid is producing too much thyroid hormone, it can speed the body up too much. On the other hand, if the thyroid is under producing thyroid hormone, it can slow your metabolism down too much. If your metabolism is slow you will experience weight gain. Also, if your thyroid hormone levels are low your energy levels will be low making it very difficult to want to exercise. The thyroid is a critical organ in the area of weight gain for diabetics and it is often overlooked.
2. The Liver
The liver is one of the main organs in our body responsible for detoxification. It is very common to see elevated liver enzymes on the blood tests of people with type 2 diabetes. Large amounts of medication as well as excessive environmental toxins can cause the liver to become overwhelmed with toxins. As the liver backs up it can be damaged resulting in elevated liver enzymes. When your body loses its ability to rid itself of toxins properly it is also common to see increased cholesterol levels and weight gain.
3. Insulin Resistance
If you have type 2 diabetes, you also have insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means that you are having trouble getting sugar from your blood stream into your cells. Because you are unable to get this sugar into your cells, the level of sugar in your bloodstream rises. This excessive blood sugar causes a great deal of inflammation and also eventually causes weight gain. If your body can’t get this excess sugar into your cells to make energy, it routes the sugar off to the liver so that it can be turned into triglycerides and fat.
Insulin resistance causes you to feel tired because you are not able to make energy or ATP inside your cells and you gain weight because the sugar that should have been made into energy has now been turned into fat. You feel hungry all the time because your cells are starving for energy, and you’re gaining extra fat at the same time. It’s also very difficult to exercise because you don’t have the energy reserves to do it.
The answer to beating this cycle is to have a qualified professional do enough testing to see where your system has broken down. Running the standard diabetes blood tests is simply not enough to find the source of the problem. Programs such as the Chicago Diabetes Program are doing the work necessary to begin reversing type 2 diabetes.
Don’t allow yourself to fall into the standard treatments that are focused on the symptoms of the disease. It’s time we started focusing on the cause of the problem.