The Danger of Following a Sugar Free Diet For Diabetes

The Danger of Following a Sugar Free Diet For Diabetes – A sugar free diet can do you more harm than good. Sadly many are convinced that diabetes is caused by glucose. This is based on a myth. Diabetes is not caused by sugar and a diet without glucose may do you serious harm. There are a lot of misconceptions about diet based on bad information. Diabetes is a very dangerous illness that can do some very bad things to your body. Those who have a high blood sugar level may have to have their legs removed.
The rapid rise of diabetes has left many people with blindness or having their kidneys shut down. This is a tragic illness that can ruin the body. The sugar free diet is based on very bad science. Glucose is a very important carbohydrate and is the number one source of fuel. The body needs glucose. The removal of this natural sweetener has actually caused the diabetes problem to become even worst. This is due to the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners. Diabetes or borderline diabetes must be attacked fast or you can lose your life.
The key is getting the right healing diet. One of reasons diabetes has continued to grow is the lack of a healing diet. A diet that removes fats and sugars will not heal diabetes actually diabetes has become worst with these diets. The diabetic must find the right diabetes diet. A sugar free diet will never stop diabetes. Medications are dangerous and come with very danger side effects. There is a diet by a filmmaker that has been reversing diabetes. It is based on a healing and you may eat whatever you like. It has been helping people in an amazing way. Do not delay if you have this illness, you may lose your legs or your life. You must take action fast.