Three Blood Sugar Lowering Herbs For You to Add to Your Holiday Meals!

Three Blood Sugar Lowering Herbs For You to Add to Your Holiday Meals! – When you have type 2 diabetes, lowering your blood sugar levels is on your mind most of the day until you actually accomplish it or, unfortunately, give up in the process. One of the ways to lower your blood sugars is to do it with herbs. Every culture has herbs that are helpful to type 2 diabetics and by using small amounts of them, they can assist your body in actually recovering from diabetes.
Below are several herbs that can help lower your blood sugar levels at any time but they are especially handy during the holiday season.
1. Stevia rebaundiana: this herb is found in Paraguay and in the Amazon Rainforest. The very small leaves are three hundred times sweeter than sugar. This is great news… because now every diabetic can have real lemonade. Just squeeze a lemon into a glass of cold water and add a quarter of a teaspoon of Stevia leaf powder and you will have natural lemonade.
Stevia can also be used when baking muffins, brownies, and cakes and can be found at grocery stores in packets as a dry powder, as a liquid in a base of distilled water, and in a liquid in a base of alcohol. The dry powder form and distilled water form are the best to use when baking. Stevia in the alcohol form is great to use as an emergency aid when you eat a carbohydrate food high on the glycemic index scale, or too many carbohydrates in a meal.
2. Golden Seal: if you have a tendency to develop infections and you also have type 2 diabetes, then the golden seal herb can be taken in capsule form or you can add a teaspoon of golden seal to a cup of boiling water, let cool and drink small sips during the day. In herbal healing, golden seal is considered a broad-spectrum herb with the ability to inhibit and kill bacteria that are gram positive as well as gram negative. While the herb is at war with the microbes, it’s constituents are also working on lowering your blood sugar. The tea is bitter; however, bitter teas do curb appetite cravings. Make yourself a cup of golden seal tea to take to your holiday parties; drink it on the way. Observe how you eat less at the party even though you are surrounded by food.
3. Alfalfa: alfalfa is a herb that has deep roots that grab every mineral along it’s way. High in minerals it’s often the foundation of multi vitamins-minerals… research studies show people who take vitamins-minerals with alfalfa do better than those that take vitamins and minerals not containing alfalfa. The nutrient levels in your body increase when alfalfa is present.
Alfalfa also is considered a blood sugar lowering herb. Many people love the taste of yogurt with alfalfa and berries, or a protein drink that has added alfalfa. The additional nutrients also gives you an extra burst of energy.