Type 2 Diabetes – Adding Variety to Your Diabetic Eating Plan

Type 2 Diabetes – Adding Variety to Your Diabetic Eating Plan – When many people start to eat a nutritious diet, they find it very easy to get stuck on one kind of food. For people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it is really important to get a wide variety of foods in your eating plan, each and every day. This will help you keep your blood sugar levels balanced and also give you the proper vitamins and other nutrients you need.
This article is all about mixing up the foods in you eating plan so you can alleviate boredom from eating the same foods over and over.
When grocery shopping, try to pick up one new food every time you shop. Try something new. We get so stuck in a rut when it comes to what we eat. How many times have you said you don’t like a particular food only to realize you have never really tried it! It takes several attempts at trying a new food for your taste buds to become accustomed to it. Even if you hate asparagus, for example, try it a few times cooked a few different ways before you give it up altogether.
If you plan on eating cereal or oatmeal, add chopped fruit or nuts to it to give it a little bit of texture and flavor. For diabetics, it’s important to add nuts so you get some protein and slow down the transportation of the sugar in the fruit to your bloodstream. Try to stay away from dried fruit as it has a higher sugar content than fresh fruit. Look for one of the lower glycemic fruits so it will move through your system more slowly.
If you are making a stir-fry, throw some different vegetables into the pan to give it more fiber and color. For instance, use all different types of bell peppers from red to green to orange to yellow. Add in some onions, broccoli and carrots. Don’t be afraid to do too many vegetables in any dish. You can never have too many vegetables!
Avoid salt as much as possible since it commonly causes problems with blood pressure, especially in people with Type 2 diabetes. Instead, start using herbs and spices for your seasoning. You can also find herb combinations in your spice aisle at the grocery store.
Finally, eat at home as much as possible. That way you can experiment with many different dishes and find your favorites. Why not pack your lunch for work and take snacks with you when you are going to be on the road? The more you make the effort to control what you eat, the better off you will be with lower blood sugar levels and weight loss.