Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Type 2 Diabetes Diet – There is no doubt that type 2 diabetes is becoming one of the major medical concerns of the future and therefore the type 2 diabetes diet is something which needs to be addressed if you develop the condition. A diabetes diet plan may seem a little different from your normal traditional diets at first but once you become used to the different elements of food which you can take in moderation there will be no real hardship going forward.
One of the main elements of a type 2 diabetes diet which needs to be addressed at the onset is the amount of carbohydrates which you take into your body. If your body is insulin resistant then these carbohydrates, which instantly enter your bloodstream as sugar, can remain in the body at dangerous levels for some time. Therefore, if you’re able to reduce your intake of carbohydrates then effectively you will immediately reduce your blood sugar levels.
There will be a time when you may need to increase your blood sugar if it has fallen to a dangerous level when introduction of carbohydrates will instantly rectify the problem.
Carbohydrate counting
For those with diabetes the issue of carbohydrate counting is something you will likely come across at some stage of your treatment. This is basically the process by which you are able to assess the level of carbohydrates in any particular food or drink and then match your insulin intake to effectively offset any side effects. This may sound difficult but ultimately there are many experts out there who will explain the situation in great detail on how best to ensure your good health.
High fiber diet
A high fiber diet allows your body to ingest sugar in foods you eat at a much slower pace and over a longer period thereby reducing “sugar rushes” which can have a very damaging impact on your health. Fiber rich foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, whole-grain breads, cereals, brown rice and brand related products. Fiber also helps with the digestive system as a whole and should be an integral part of any diet whether you suffer from diabetes or not.
Understanding how your body works
As with any traditional diet, the ability to understand how your body works and uses various food elements to function is vital. If you are aware that your body is not ingesting large amounts of glucose from the blood then ultimately you need to reduce your glucose levels by taking in less carbohydrates for example. There is also a need to reduce the fat intake in your diet which obviously encourages obesity which is a further problem associated with diabetes.
Putting together a simple diabetes diet plan with your doctor can in many ways see you live your life as normal without very many changes. There is no reason why a type 2 diabetes diet cannot include your favourite foods at least in moderation. You need to remain focused on your new dietary regime for the longer-term, and also increase your level of exercise, under instruction from your doctor, as these two very important elements which can offset the vast majority of problems associated with diabetes.