7 Important Signs to Help Prevent the Development of Type 2 Diabetes

7 Important Signs to Help Prevent the Development of Type 2 Diabetes – Up to ten years before type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, there are signs of your body resisting insulin.  This is why researchers now refer to this as the “silent” epidemic or the “silent” killer.  And it is usually the accompanying heart disease they have the most concern with.
 7 Important Signs of Insulin Resistance:
1.  Hypertension or high blood pressure.  This may be the result of the high amount of insulin required to keep your blood sugars normal. What often shows is that as the insulin-level rises so does your blood pressure reading.
2.  Elevated triglycerides levels.  These levels are often high if you are overweight.  It is not just the result of  excessive fat intake; refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour are the culprits also.  Existing body fat is also responsible.
3.  Low HDL levels.  The way fat is carried on the inside affects your risk of heart disease. 
4.  Increased abdominal fat.  The culprit is a particular type of body fat centered around your abdomen, particularly around the intestines.  Usually the male who has this type of fat has a waist much larger than his hips.  The females’ waist is at least 80% of her hip measurement.
5.  Obesity.  Everyone who is obese, or has a high proportion of fat in their body, is insulin-resistant.
6.  Fatigue.  This is the most common feature; for no apparent reason your spark is no longer there.  Some people are tired in the morning, some in the afternoon and some all day.  This is because your body’s cells are not getting enough of the glucose they need.  Even though there is plenty of insulin, your body is resistant to it’s action
7.  Unable to concentrate.  Your memory is not so sharp; your brain needs a constant supply of glucose to work properly and fluctuations are sending your blood sugar levels too high, or too low, quickly.  This results in disordered memory and foggy thoughts.
To prevent long term complications:

there are a variety of drugs available to help treat elevated triglycerides and low HDLs
it is really important to concentrate on controlling your type 2 diabetes by losing weight and reducing your resistance to insulin 

Weigh loss is not always easy but it is doable.  Often losing just ten or twenty pounds, (5 or 10 kilograms), is enough to reduce your insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, and therefore your type 2 diabetes.  You will also have less worry about heart disease.