Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms and Who Gets It

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms and Who Gets It – Let us face it, diabetes has the possibility to lead for a person to be blind, have nerve damage or kidney failure if the impact is already over time. In which the type 2 condition causes serious complications of the health. That is also the reason why it should be important for you to know type 2 diabetes symptoms. At least in that way you can still take preventive measures on how to reduce the chance of ending up with heart disease too.
But first let us differentiate the type 2 diabetes to the other types. People with this diabetes are producing insulin. Their pancreas on the other hand does not produce amount of insulin enough for the body to be used in adequately. This health condition is called insulin resistance and when that happens, the sugar or glucose cannot get into the cell of your body. The process will continue that glucose build in blood when in fact it should be going to the cells. So body cells are supposedly not going to function well.
This is basically due to high blood pressure. Symptoms include first as human to experience increased thirst and hunger even if you have just actually eaten. You have dry mouth, frequent urination, fatigue which almost you feel tired, headaches also with mostly blurred vision paired, unexplained loss of weight though you are eating much well. And although if ever the condition is rare, the type 2 diabetes symptoms includes those of losing consciousness can be considered one.
Usually, type 2 symptoms are not said to have diagnosis until there would then be health complications. Other symptoms include skin itching usually around the groin or vaginal area, frequent infections of the yeasts, recent gain weight, decreased vision, impotency, tingling and numbness of the hands and feet and the last one is acanthosis nigricans or having dark or velvety skin in the groin, neck and armpit.
Type 2 diabetes problems are associated with glucose build up. When kidneys will lose sugar through urine, large water amount will also be lost that will cause dehydration. And also the opposite situation as high level of glucose will damage the eyes small vessels and nerves.
When the affected with it becomes dehydrated severely, they will have complication development and is life threatening that nobody would want it. This is even called diabetic coma. Other term for that is hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma.
Now, who gets this? It is proven that anyone can. Those however that are in higher risk are those who are obese, through genetics means from the family members and those women who had gestational diabetes. In fact diabetes has affected for almost 17million people just in the 8 percent of the population in the United States. Worst is that, about one third of the population do not know that they have it.
After knowing the type 2 diabetes symptoms, you can self test by using a glucometer device that checks you blood sugar even if you do it yourself. It can provide the reading of your blood sugar by placing the strip to the device and then the result will be available for 30 to 45 seconds. At least through this you initiated ways to monitor and prevent possible complications.