Type 2 Diabetes: How to Manage Diabetes Naturally

Type 2 Diabetes: How to Manage Diabetes Naturally – Type 2 Diabetes is becoming a huge problem in the United States. More and more people are having sugar handling problems, pre-diabetes symptoms, and developing this dreadful disease at an early age.
After Starbucks was open, I started seeing kids drinking those huge carmeldrinks in the parking lot every week, I saw more of these health problems coming. Not only does our diet play a huge part in developing diabetes, but so does other hormone imbalances, adrenal issues, and liver toxicity.
The liver plays an important role when you are fasting. Cortisol from the adrenal glands induces gluconeogenenisis in the liver while you are in a fasting state. Say you are working out and have not eaten lunch, then your liver should be making sugar for your body to run properly. If you have a fatty liver or a toxic liver due to overabundance of xenoestrogens, then your liver may have issues supplying the full amount of glucose your body needs. I see this in practice, where an athlete struggles late in the game. A blood panel can reveal this or a trained doctor in functional medicine to help you.
There are 2 factors when diagnosing type 2 diabetes: Glucose, and HBA1C. HBA1C has become the gold standard for diagnosing diabetes but monitoring glucose is also very imperative. HBA1C shows how your body takes up sugar over time. Gloucose shows what is happening that very day. Glucose numbers over 105 and even 100 are showing signs that they have “sugar or glucose handling stress”. This is also in conjunction with tiredness after meals, weight gain, and general fatigue.
Nutrients to support glucose metabolism: Supplements are not all made the same. In our clinic, we use pharmaceutical grade pure supplements and so should you. We have seen drops as much as 125 points blood glucose and 3 to 4 points HBA1C on our program. Now every patient is different and eliminating gluten and dairy would be recommended in most patients. Always check with your doctor in making changes to your diet.
The nutrients that help sugar handling stress are: Biotin, slow release alpha lipoic acid, high dose omega fatty acids, chromium, vanadium, high dose B- complex, benfotiamine, and other herbs such as bitter melon and cinnamon.
Other important test to be completed by your doctor are a comprehensive blood chemistry, an adrenal salivary index test, and a urinalysis. Talk with your doctor about these today and thanks for reading.