The Love of White Bread May Be Killing You!

The Love of White Bread May Be Killing You! – I remember when I was in Elementary School and we had a special homework project to do which call for me to make model or display. If I didn’t have glue I would make my own glue by mixing flour and water together to make paste. This was great for holding my school project together it was also great for making a paper Mache.
Okay! Just imagine what that white flour is doing to your colon holding things together, can you say CONSTIPATION, STOMACH PAIN, BELLY FAT, It holding things so tightly together that even the nutrition your body needs isn’t getting through. We need the nutrition that come from fresh fruit and vegetable to feed other parts of our body for nourishment.
There are many disease links to the white poison and here are a few:
1. Type 2 diabetes
3. Constipation
4. Belly Fat
5. Worst
Now! Just don’t think because the package said “WHEAT “or “NATURAL” that it is real wheat bread.
That calls bread of deception!
Fresh grain of is one of the most perfect food on the earth containing all the nutrients necessary to sustain life. Every part of the world is depending on some kind of grain to provide food for their people.
As long as this outer layer remains unbroken wheat can be store safely for years. The grain will probably last longer then you or I. Wheat must be broken to get the nutrients. Once the protective layer of wheat is broken (cracked, mill or ground into flour) the nutrients being to oxidize immediately.
There are 13 B vitamins, vitamins E, protein essential fatty acids, and important trace minerals. It also contains high amounts of gluten the protein that provides the elasticity necessary for excellent bread making.
Once wheat has been mill, its nutrients last 72 hours / 3days then is finish all the nutrients are gone. Give us our daily bread! Daily fresh mill bread will give you nutrients that needed for your body.
Sprout grain give more power to your food because as we age our body ability to produce enzymes declines. Learning to sprout grain gives you and your family that added booth for enzymes.
Now! Looking back when I was a child making glue with flour and water, I now understand why American has constipation, belly fat and many other health issues.
As for white bread eater isn’t satisfy with one slice because there isn’t any grain in it to help you to feel full.
The problem with our bread is that they are leaving out the good stuff, which is fiber, wheat germ and giving it to their animals. What left is the endosperm so they add Alloxan to make it white? Once grain had been mill here in America they separated the grain for the flour and give the healthy part to our cattle and white stuff to us to eat. To get our bread white they use this product.
Alloxan is use to give white flour is color, but it also destroys beta cells that are located in the pancreas. This chemical is given to laboratory rats to induce diabetes.
Guess What? The FDA knew there was a connection between Alloxan and type 2- diabetes, but they still allow it use in white bread.
Parents! Stop! Stop! Feeding this madness to our children and then wonder why they are getting fat, can’t sit still long enough to stay focus in school. We are sending our children to school empty of healthy nutrients.
We learned firsthand what the lack healthy nutrients can do. Our family have battle worst on my youngest daughter finger from the time she was in Elementary to Middle School she had this worst on her finger. What I found out what we need to do was to remove the white bread from her diet and add vitamins E. In 2 weeks the worst was gone and haven’t come back.
We are part of this REAL FOOD MOVEMENT to educate and train the next generation back to the basic for preparing healthy food to mill fresh grain into flour, canning, and making homemade butter. We show families how they can store grain; dehydrate fruit and vegetables to get the best in eating healthy to have a healthy for their family. Join us and become a part of the REAL FOOD MOVEMENT!
Marsha L. Thadison