Daily Habits to Help Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Levels!

Daily Habits to Help Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Levels! – Go easy on yourself… remember type 1 or type 2 diabetes is not a perfect science and it is inevitable that no matter how hard you try, there will be days when you don’t meet your goals. Here are five essential habits that will get you off to a good start every day and help to stabilize your blood sugar levels:
1. Eat breakfast: literally it means to break your fast of the previous eight to ten hours most of which you slept through. It is important to start your day off with foods that get your chemistry off to a healthy stable start; having a healthy protein-rich breakfast means you won’t be hungry or craving sugary foods a couple of hours later.
Missing breakfast causes changes in your insulin function, it also raises your total cholesterol level as well as your LDL or bad cholesterol level.
2. Eat at regular times: pressures in life generally and being time-poor can sabotage your best intentions to eat well. When you become stressed your good eating habits are usually the first thing you let go… you often skip meals and then snack on sugary foods. This is when your blood sugar levels sink, then sky rockets, and then sinks again. Food eaten at regular times provides your brain and body with the essential fuel it requires… when you don’t eat you don’t function at your best level.
3. Eat smaller food-portion sizes: what is the correct portion size? A small portion will leave you feeling hungry so then you will end up eating more than if you ate a moderate size serving. A moderate size serving of:

protein is roughly the size of the palm of your hand
starchy foods would be smaller again
and then a large serving of salad or vegetables
4. Snacks are meant to help maintain blood sugar levels: usually between two meals. Because of swings in blood sugar levels, many people with type 2 diabetes get hungry and snack often between meals while others snack instead of eating meals… plus snack in front of the television, at their desk and in their cars. Because “snackers” are not hungry, this means they do not eat a well balanced nutritious diet. Many people think they eat less when they snack, in fact they eat more.
As blood sugar levels improve and become stable, the desire to snack will decline because you will not be hungry between meals.
5. Eat slowly: the faster people eat, the more they eat. So take your time, chew your food well and eat less!
Despite your best efforts, you will not be in perfect control of your type 2 diabetes all the time.