Type 2 Diabetes – Strategies for Weight Loss Awesomeness!

Type 2 Diabetes – Strategies for Weight Loss Awesomeness! – Losing weight is important for Type 2 diabetics. Many people are overweight when they’re first diagnosed, and that extra fat actually increases their insulin resistance. By losing weight, people with Type 2 diabetes can become less insulin resistant, and they’re able to use insulin better and produce lower blood sugar levels naturally.
So, it can be said losing weight is important for Type 2 diabetics.
Some people would have called this an article about weight loss “success”. But success is too vague, and not nearly inspiring enough. To be successful, all you have to do is something, anything. You try to walk across the room and turn on a light switch… and you’re successful! That was easy. This is about losing weight, not just patting yourself on the back for surviving another day. You’re a person who is capable of incredible things, and you have a great deal of control over your own actions and your own habits… which are what determine the course your life takes from now on. In other words, you have the power to be awesome.
Here’s how to make a start with weight loss:
1. Don’t rely on will power:
We need to start out by clarifying how you achieve a state of true awesomeness. You start out by abandoning the notion that you are going to “will” yourself to be that way. Your will power is a limited quantity, and you need to save it for times when your life really needs something special. When you have to chase down a bus, or when you need to rip the door off of a car to save a child trapped inside, or when a bear is threatening your kids, that’s the time for will power. Even if you were Chuck Norris, you could not constantly fight a bear for your entire life… it would maul you worse than Bruce Lee mauled old Chuck all those years ago.
2. Make fitness and healthy eating habits:
You need to establish new habits and new barriers, if you want to become a more awesome individual. You may think that barriers only stop things… but did you know that they can also be used as a means of keeping you doing the right things. Seriously, if all you have in the house is healthy food, and the nearest fast food place is miles away, you are more likely going to eat the healthy stuff that’s right here, so long as it’s palatable. As well, if you set your alarm for an hour earlier than you need to get up to get ready for work, you might as well get into that workout. It’s not like you’re going to get back to sleep, anyway.
3. Push through the initial discomfort:
And yes, the first few weeks are going to be intensely difficult for you. Changes are never easy, and you have to understand that some slippage is okay. Giving up being lazy and gluttonous is like giving up binge drinking and cigarettes… it’s incredibly difficult, because you have to change how you see yourself. If you continue to see yourself as who you were, you will continue to be how you have been. But if you decide that from now on you are going to be a newer and thinner person, the same principle will start to take hold.