Warning Symptoms of Diabetes – Two Common Symptoms

Warning Symptoms of Diabetes – Two Common Symptoms – There are many symptoms attributed to the prevalence of diabetes. But, all the symptoms need not be felt or noticed simultaneously. It is also not mandatory that the occurrence of diabetes should follow after a symptom. This is because of the basic theory about diabetes that it is a silent visitor in any individual. Though you may experience a different condition of the body, it need not be related to diabetes. The new symptomatic experience may be due to some other reason in some cases. The symptoms could just be tentative complaints in your body. So, it may be consoling you that the noticed symptom need not be taken for acquiring diabetic condition. It is needless to get panic-stricken. But at the same time it is too risky for you to ignore any new symptoms and signs related to body’s health condition.
Warning symptoms of diabetes:
Though there are some early symptoms of diabetes, some of them are not so serious to be taken for life threatening. Here we are concerned with common symptoms like numbness in hands and degenerated vision with the onset of diabetes. What you should do in such situation is to consult a doctor and get diagnosed thoroughly. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, starting treatment will be safe on your part.
Numbness in hands: A numbness or tingling sensation in your hands or feet is a warning sign of diabetes. When there is undue rise in blood sugar, the blood stream gets mixed with saturated blood glucose. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are felt slowly in which the sufferer is unaware of the same. Numbness rightly identified as sensory loss is a condition of high blood sugar. The elevated blood sugar in the circulation system affects the body or any part of the body. This is due to the central nervous system being affected by the increased sugar level. The damage to the nervous system naturally causes numbness or tingling sensation in hands or feet.
Blurring vision: When you allow your blood glucose to creep up, the saturated glucose spoils the purity of the blood stream. The blood supply to the retina behind the eye is thus interrupted resulting in retinopathy or degenerated vision. Blurred vision is a sign of extreme fatigue. But, the symptom threatens in a diabetic even just one hour after taking food. This is due to the condition of the consumed food being not burnt to energy either by non secretion or by insufficient secretion of insulin. However, early diagnosis and treatment may be good.