Type 2 Diabetes – Heart Attack Proof Your Life!

Type 2 Diabetes – Heart Attack Proof Your Life! – Heart attacks are the leading cause of death throughout the world, and a huge concern if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Many people choose to manage this risk with medications, putting lifestyle changes secondary… or not including them at all. Unfortunately, medication will only get you so far, and though it may manage your condition, it will not improve your health. If you want something more out of your life and body than just merely getting by, its time to learn how to heart attack proof your life.
Getting Moving: Did you know that exercise could save your life? Research shows that 30 minutes of physical activity a few days a week can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, and reduce your risk of heart attack. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a gym membership, complete with personal trainer. Physical activity can be as simple as walking your dog, a brisk stroll around the mall in the morning before the stores open, or doing some leg lifts while you sit in front of the television. Exercise doesn’t need to be complicated or costly, so get up and get moving.
Eat Your Heart Out… Sensibly: Nutrition is one of your strongest weapons in the war against heart disease. By eating healthy you can single-handedly control many factors that increase heart attack risks such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, so next time you are ready to prepare a meal consider your heart. An eating plan that includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, and low fat dairy foods will make a difference in how you live out the rest of your life.
Take a Deep Breath: Stress is everywhere in the form of crazy drivers, screaming kids, work, family problems and more. No one can fully escape stress but you do have some control over how you deal with it. Next time you feel yourself losing it… stop… close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Letting stress take over is terrible for your body and your heart. Here are some easy stress relief ideas:

ask your partner for a foot rub… then sit back, close your eyes and enjoy
draw a bath and pour in some relaxing bath salts… refuse to think about stress
read a book on a topic you enjoy
indulge in some retail therapy
most importantly… take 30 minutes for yourself every day
Leave That Cloud of Smoke Behind: You know it is bad for you, but smoking can be almost impossible to quit. The truth is, most people can’t quite smoking without help. Today there are many more options for people wanting to quit smoking. Visit your health care provider if you are sincere about kicking the habit; he will have several options and resources available. Smoking may be pleasurable, but it is a slow death over time. Do your heart a favor and leave that cloud of smoke behind.
Always take the medications your doctor prescribes for you, just don’t let medications give you a false sense of security or an excuse not to eat or live well. Instead of making a healthy lifestyle secondary to medication, make it your No.1 priority. Only you have the power to stop type 2 diabetes and heart disease from taking over your life!