Type 2 Diabetes – Choosing The Right Blood Glucose Meter

Type 2 Diabetes – Choosing The Right Blood Glucose Meter – When choosing a blood glucose meter or glucometer, there are many things that should be considered. Does it have enough memory? Are the results clear and accurate? Is it easy to use? Can the results from previous dates be stored somewhere else? Believe it or not, there are all different kinds of meters on the market today.
Blood glucose meters are small computerized devices that measure the amount of glucose or sugar in a sample of your blood. The levels are then displayed on a screen.
The idea is to get a meter that will work best for your own needs and comfort: This can mean getting a meter that is small in size, that is light and portable and can fit in your pocket or purse… to make it easier to carry with you throughout the day.

some individuals have problems seeing and should think about getting a monitor that displays large numbers.
there are also meters that will even “talk” the reading for you.
those who are sensitive to sharp objects need to look for one that takes smaller blood samples from the fingers. If you do not like being poked in the fingers, then consider a meter that will calculate blood samples taken from other parts of your body.

Cost: Do not buy a particular meter if you know you cannot afford it. Make sure you purchase one that includes a generous amount of strips for a reasonable price. Some meters will require too much money for the additional needed items throughout the month, so take that into consideration. It’s really about the cost of the strips.
If you have insurance, check to see what meters it might be able to cover… most insurance plans will cover the cost of meters, and sometimes there are great rebates. Some insurance plans cover the cost of your glucometer, testing strips, or lancets.
Speed: You want a meter that will tell you your results straight away. New meters on the market today take only seconds to display your blood sugar results; but some take over a minute, Faster is better where blood sugar levels are concerned.
Time Display and Record: Some people forget what time of day they have taken their blood sugar. Try and aim for a meter that will tell you the time when you last took your blood sugar. You can also use this information to track your progress for your next doctor’s visit.
Convenience: Your doctor may want to keep tabs on your sugar as well. Check for a meter that allows you to download the results to a computer.
Be sure to evaluate the information on how to contact the maker of the product in case there are problems with your glucometer.
Overall, get a blood glucose meter that will meet all of your needs now and in the future by taking all of these factors into consideration.