Senior Diabetes – The Danger of Having Diabetes in Those Over 50

Senior Diabetes – The Danger of Having Diabetes in Those Over 50 – There is a danger in senior diabetes. Seniors with diabetes are at an increased risk for blindness and the lost of their legs from this disease. Recent studies shows that those over 50 are becoming sad statistics as they lose their bodies to the illness. Having a high blood sugar means that damage has already started in the body. There is a poison glucose that lives in the bloodstream and what it can do to the body is disastrous. This spreading blood glucose attacks the cells and causes the circulation to die. Those who wait will have this deadly poison ruin the body. Senior diabetes means time is running out on the body.
As a poison glucose spreads often people wait which is a big mistake. Waiting allows the cells of the body to die. This will mean pain in the body for the one with a high blood sugar. Millions of seniors have had their legs cut off due to the death from the poison glucose. The blurry vision is a sign the small vessels of the eyes have been polluted. This is the cause of senior diabetes blindness. Those who act quickly can stop this illness. It is best to avoid diabetic medications; they destroy the heart muscle and have been linked to stroke.
The answer to senior diabetes is diet but there is a problem. Most diabetic diets which are based on sugar removal do not work. Since the removal of sugar in the diet the diabetes crisis has tripled. Removing sugar has never cured diabetes and science shows it can become worst. There is good news. There is a diet by a filmmaker that has been reversing senior diabetes and removing the poison glucose. This diet allows you to eat what you like as it gives a normal blood sugar. Those with a high blood sugar have already started to lose their body to this illness. You must find a senior diabetes diet that works to save your body before it is too late.