Type 2 Diabetes: Fill Your Plate to Lose Weight!

Type 2 Diabetes: Fill Your Plate to Lose Weight! – Diet is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of control of your Type 2 diabetes. Without a good diet, your medications will not work properly, and you won’t have the energy to:

build muscle
be active
exercise regularly, and
continue to lose weight
If you want to understand how the way you plate, or present, your food helps you curb appetite, consider the example of a food that doesn’t curb anyone’s appetite, the doughnut.
One Doughnut is Not Enough: When most people eat one doughnut, they’re quickly ready for another. The reason for this has to do with a lot of things, one of the most important of them, the doughnut’s visual cue. When you look at a doughnut, what’s the first thing you see? Probably you notice the doughnut hole. It’s like a bulls-eye right in the middle of the doughnut.
Your eyes are round, and the doughnut is round, so as your bring the doughnut close to your face, the doughnut is all you see. And as you put the doughnut in your mouth, it quite literally fills all your senses. That is, it fills all your senses for the 10 seconds it takes you to eat it.
Square or Round? No one knows for sure, but I think that if doughnuts were square instead of round, people wouldn’t eat as many of them. If you can see around the edges of what you’re eating as you bring it up to your mouth, you are more likely to respond to other cues… any cues… that don’t scream “Eat me” as you chow down on your favorite foods.
So, try eating off square plates. Fill them up, but fill them up with smaller portions of high-calorie foods and larger portions of vegetables.
People in general clean their plates. Don’t try to unlearn a habit you’ve had all your life. Clean your plate, but after you fill it with healthy, low-calorie, appetite-reducing foods. Take advantage of your “healthy appetite” by actually eating healthy!
You’ll notice that I did not suggest that you try eating off smaller plates. There is good experimental evidence that finds that people are just going to eat a certain number of pounds of food a day, usually at least 1-1/2 pounds (750 g). If you try eating off smaller plates, chances are you will just wind up filling them more often.
Go ahead. Use a large serving plate. Fill it up. A full plate is actually a great appetite suppressant if you fill it up with low-calorie foods, not high-calorie foods. The more you fill up on vegetables, salad, and low-calorie fruit, the less you will fill up on the foods that keep you from losing weight fast.
Step one in controlling your Type 2 diabetes, losing weight and having lower blood sugar levels is to ensure a sound diet and nutrition in your life.